Crafting Digital Identities

Mint & Company is a creative agency specializing in digital advertising. Our focus is on creating distinctive online and offline brand identities that creates a valuable spotlight for our clients with a commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry. We are dedicated to achieving exceptional digital engagement. We diligently craft customized strategies for each brand, ensuring that the end result is consistently fresh and exciting.

Digital Strategy

In today’s fiercely competitive and saturated advertising and digital marketing land-scape, a well-executed social media strategy is crucial for a company’s success. At Mint & Company, we go beyond mere posting and focus on developing a comprehensive ap-proach that aligns with a company’s identity, objectives, and goals. Our every step and decision are purposeful, with a forward-looking perspective aimed at achieving over-arching targets.

Creative Concepts

At Mint & Company is to deliver exceptional and culturally relevant creative concepts that are the forefront of current trends. We specialize in crafting high-quality brand rep-resentations infused with a unique creative flair that sets us apart from the rest.

Content Creation

At Mint & Company, content creation lies at the essence of our services. It is the driving force behind everything we do. With this in mind, we have meticulously assembled a team of art directors, graphic designers, photographers, and creatives who epitomize the highest standards of originality, professionalism and trailblazing.


A key aspect of our mission in developing digital identities is fostering meaningful con-nections with audiences.Through our expert moderation services, we enable your brand to stay in tune with your customers’ needs, ensuring that all their inquiries and con-cerns are promptly addressed and fulfilled.

Digital Activations

Our activation strategies are unparalleled. We excel in seamlessly integrating our work across all platforms to a create cohesive and impactful launch experience. When it comes to digital activations, our key approach is striking the ideal balance between the client’s objectives, allocated budget, and making a lasting impression on their target audience.

Celebrity and Influencer Liaison

Collaborating with celebrities and influencers presents a powerful opportunity to en-gage and connect with your target audience. It also serves as a means to enhance credi-bility for the message you aim to convey to consumers. At Mint & Company, we offer expert liaison services, facilitating negotiations and agreements with celebrities and in-fluencers. Our goal is to secure the most suitable package for each brand and campaign, ensuring optimal results and brand alignment.

Media Buying

In today’s digital marketing landscape, media buying plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Effectively reaching the right audience, tailored to your brand’s specific needs and desires. It requires expertise and precision. At Mint & Company, we have sharpened the art of media buying to perfection, ensuring that we deliver optimal results that align with your brand’s objectives.


Monitoring the performance of your page and campaigns plays a crucial role in deter-mining the digital success of your brand. It is essential to identify successful strategies to leverage them effectively, while also learning from unsuccessful ones to avoid repeat-ing them in the future. With the Mint & Company monthly social media report, you gain comprehensive insights and analytics about your page as well as your competitors. Stay informed about the details that matter and make informed decisions to maximize your social media impact.

At Mint Studios, our purpose-built photography studio is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of our clients when it comes to visuals, styling and overall aesthet-ic. With a controlled environment, we can create content that reflects precision, meticu-lous attention to detail, and perfectionism. Our in-house studio empowers our content creators to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that every aspect of our work meets the highest standard of quality.


Our production department is a dynamic and rapidly expanding department within our organization. We specialize in bringing your production visions to life, be if for digital content, internal communications, or TVCs. Our goal is not only to fulfill your produc-tion aspirations but to elevate them to new heights. With a team of seasoned profes-sionals who posses deep industry knowledge, we offer valuable insights and understat-ing thought the production process.

At Mint & Company we provide marketing consultancy services tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We collaborate closely with brands to develop and execute impactful marketing strategies that drive their digital presence to new heights. With our compre-hensive expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we empower your brand to stand out in digital realm and achieve unparalleled success. Partner with Mint & Company to unlock the full potential of your marketing endeavors.

We specialize in transformative branding services that elevate your company’s identity to new heights. Our top-of-line approach ensures a visually compelling brand image that aligns with your values and objectives while resonating with your target audience in the digital landscape. Trust us to chat a relevant and digitally friendly brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.